Written Testimonials


Reeni Sharma

I have recently started treatment from Dr. Yogesh’s Miracles Health Clinic for chronic hives. He was recommended to me by a friend. When I met him, I found him to be very knowledgeable and liked how he asked in-depth questions so as to understand my problem. He put me on a two-month course of medication and when I reported that that hadn’t improved my condition, he reviewed immediately and changed my medicine. I am happy to say that I am responding well to the new medicine and feel better. In addition to being a good clinician, I find Dr. Yogesh Kadam to be very easy to approach and very responsive and attentive to his patient’s needs.

Reeni Sharma


I was adviced to go emergency angioplasty surgery by one of big hospital in Pune. Luckily I got chance to consult Dr. Yogesh Kadam at Viman nagar. He asked all details and gave me medicines for  3 months . TO my surprise I got clear of my blocks within 12 weeks and same Dr.Kadam is treating me for my daibetes problem which was not control since many years.
Thank you very much for dr.kadam and their team for sincere care and I wish them best of luck for future.


I am surprised to see how passionate Dr.Yogesh is. I think he is god gifted as anything incurable can be cured so easily by him as he has healing touch. I wish him and his miracles team for great future and success.


I did hair implant last Diwali but it got failed within 2 months . One of my common friend suggested me to try homeopathy from Dr.Kadam. I was initially not ready as I am from modern medicine background. But I like to give last try so I visited Dr.Yogesh on 3 rd feb 2011. He took detail case taking and to my surprise he was using latest technological tool to diagnose root cause of hair loss along with deep analysis of my mental,emotional and physical problems. I was quiet impressed as I have never seen this type of approach with any other homeopath. Dr.Yogesh explained each and every minute details and as days progress. I had sufficient hair growth since last 6 months . I think Dr.Yogesh might be modern age- HAIRY POTTER


I myself homeopathic doctor by profession and did m.d.(hom). I met Dr.Yogesh sir when I had severe allergic rhinites in the 3rd trimester. My gynec doctor was worried as it was too severe that I was afraid of abortion. One of my friend suggested Dr.Yogesh sir`s miracles health clinic. I like sir’s approach towards homeopathy as its different from what we learnt in college. I got healthy baby boy without any complications last month only. I will continue my learning with Dr.Yogesh sir.






Hay I got cured, really very happy
Thanx to Dr.Kadam, Dr.Bhagyashri madam and finally
Thanx to Miracle health clinic.


Very good experience, way of treatment is mind blowing and unique in homeopathic field.






I took homeopathic treatment from many homeopaths near Viman Nagar and Kharadi but nobody can cure my gall bladder stones. So to give last attempt , I have tried Dr.Bhagyashri`s medicines at miracles health clinic. Within 8 month, my sonography reports show no stones in gall bladder. Thank you Dr.bhagyashri for your kind attention


I took my daughter Shreesha to miracles homeo clinic for her asthmatic attack. We were so panic as this was happening  everytime due to change of weather. doctor  examined her calmly and put 1 powder dose of homeopathic medicine in her mouth and to our surprise her asthmatic attack subsides within 2 minutes. I think this guy has some miraculous healing touch. Hats off Dr.Yogesh kadam.


I have started homeopathic medicines from miracles homeo clinic for allergic rhinitis. I was totally frustrated due to allopathic medicines , as I was on anti-allergic 3 times a day since last 3 yrs.  when i started homeopathic treatment ,within night I got 90% relief and I think I will get rid for this problem sooner with homeopathic medicines. Dr.Yogesh you are best!


Thanks for treating my psoriasis


One of the best homeopathic clinic for children ailments. I definitely recommend it to other as my child is free from recurrent illness and now his immunity is good. Thanks miracles homeo clinic


I took treatment for white spot on my face and around neck. I was scared but Dr.Bhagyashri madam gave me assuance that she will try to help me out in this condition .she are so good that within 8 months, I was back with my beautiful face. Thank you Dr.bhagyashri ,Thanks miracles homeo clinic.


Hi, I am Mariyana from Sophiya,Bulgaria.Whenever I come to India , I always take homeopathic medicines from Dr.Yogesh for day-to-day ailments. He is such a nice guy that we all friends from Europe really appreciate his sincere efforts towards healing and we recommend all of you to meet him once if you have any health problems, chaw!


I visited Pune recently as my father lives here. When I land into Pune ,everywhere people talking about swine-flu. I also got scared but my father calm me down as our family  was taking homeopathic preventive medicines for swine-flu from miracles homeo clinic. I met Dr.Yogesh in his miracles homeo clinic- really these guys doing some good social work as I met so many people in his clinic who got benefited from him. they talk and counsel so nicely that I dont think so they will take any medicines in futures from any other doctors. I really appreciate their hardworking. best of luck for future endevour.


Excellent for hair loss problem.


I took treatment for bald spot on my head. Within 3 months, its improved more than 60% and , it got disappeared within 1 yr . Thanks Dr.Yogesh for your genuine homeopathic medicines and hardworking, really miracles do happens! -as you said.






I had a problem of excessive hairloss since 2 yrs . I tried medicines from so called hair -experts or Trichologist but only waste of money as these people doesn`t tell you basic reason of your problem. I was doubtful about Dr.Yogesh`s miracles homeo clinic also, but I am impressed with name itself- miracles. So with little hesitation, I started treatment from Dr.Kadam for 1st time consultation, he took so much exhaustive case history that I was not aware of half of the things ,as nobody took this much information from me since last 2 years. I found one great thing from this doctor- body-mind-correlation does exist for all your sufferings. his way of telling you the root cause of problem is so interesting that I also want to learn homeopathy. Dr.Yogesh cured my problem of hairlosss within 6 months. Thank you Dr.Yogesh.


Excellent as my eczema got cured within 6 months . thank you miracles homeo clinic.


I am happy to see that within 1 year of your treatment , My child`s immunity has improved a lot and he is not getting those frequent attacks of cold and cough. Thank you Dr.Yogesh


I was suffering from sciatica since last 2 yrs. Dr.Yogesh gave me medicines after case taking. The pain improved within 3 weeks and now I am completely cured from Sciatica. Thanx Dr.Yogesh


I was diagnosed case of nephrotic syndrom since last 2 years. Doctors from reputed hospitals in pune alaram me about kidney failure and ultimate dialysis. I was worried about the progress of disease. One of my colleague suggested me Dr.Bhagyashri`s name. I visited her last month only. I showed her all my reports. She assured me that homeopathy will definitely help me in this regards as they have treated same cases in past with good results. she gave me confidence along with homeopathic medicines. I remembered, Dr.Bhagyashri had put one powder in my mouth on same day of case taking. I swear, I never felt so good in my life that night. Within 1 month of her medicines, all my kidney function test values become normal and I am still continuing her medicines. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri


I started medicines from Dr.Bhagyashri for my hypothyroid problem which had made my life miserable. Within 1 year of her treatment, all my reports were normal. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri


Excellent work Dr.Yogesh and Dr.Bhagyashri. My mother was suffering from parkinson`s disease. We were taking treatment from neurologist but her condition deteriorate too much. One of my colleague had recommended miracles homeopathic clinic. I gave history about my mother. I never thought of that person`s personality can overall affect him. I took medicines from dr.yogesh who is so much informative. He told me about fate and progress of illness. I really accepted what he said that day. Now a days, my mother can now live her normal life without any other sufferings. Thank you very much


Excellent treatment for sexual related problems. Please don`t go to any fake doctors as homeopathy have good and proven medicines for sexual related problems


Our 3 yr son was suffering from sever allergic bronchitis. We were really fade up as we have to give him antibiotics and neubilisation which has no effects as within short period of time, he fall sick again. on august last year we started homeopathic treatment from miracles homeo clinic. doctor took down all minute details about my son that which we felt insignificant. Within 3 months of his medicines , his frequency of cough and intensity of attack reduced so much and now almost 1 year going to complete ,we are satisfied parents as my son not falling sick  frequently. Thanx Dr.Yogesh for your miraculous healing.








Thanks Dr.Yogesh for treating adenoid problem of my 5 yr old grandson. We have tried medicines from so many homeopathic doctors in viman nagar and nearby area but could not find better solution. I am personally very much satisfied with Dr.Yogesh as he is hardworking, sincere homeopath who have healing touch. God bless you.


Miracles homeopathic clinic- best clinic for allergy


I took homeopathic medicines for my kidney stones which I had removed by lithotripsy operation several times before starting Dr.Yogesh`s medicines. He assured me that with homeopathy, recurrent formation of stones will stop and my tendency to form stones will vanish. Within last 1 year of treatment , i actually passed more than 16 stones and my recent report shows no stones with normal functioning kidneys. Thanks Dr.Yogesh for those sweet pills.


I had taken treatment from Dr.Yogesh for hairloss and I am satisfied with his treatment as he known what to treat and what not to treat. no false claims ,only genuine results with sincere work.


Thanks for treating my acidity problem. I never felt relaxed since many years. thank you miracles homeo clinic.


Thanks for treating my allergic rhinitis. it was so sever that even allopathic medicines were not working on me. but by Alhaa grace, I found about miracles homeo clinic and i got permanant solution for allergic rhinitis. its now more than 3 yrs and not a single recuurence.


Thanks Dr.Yogesh for treating my peptic ulcer problem. I am out of all medicines now. Thanks a lot


My 5 yr son was suffering from chronic bronchitis which doctor said is one form of asthma. We were worried about his health as every 15 days , we have to take him to pediatrician doctor as his condition get severed within few days. He was not putting on weight and his height was smaller than his friends. One of our neighbor suggested miracles homeopathic clinic for my child. we went on 16 July of last year. Dr.Yogesh took down whole history of my child, our family illness, my nature ,my husband`s nature as well as my son`s nature . we were amazed to know such minute details required for finding correct medicines. Dr.Yogesh took case for atleast half and hour and then with his team of doctors, he suggested plan of action for treatment. Within few months, the frequency and intensity of my son`s asthma kept in control and now this is already 1 year over, my son is cured of asthma. Thank you very much dr.yogesh and his team for your kindness and helping nature


I am taking treatment for hairloss from Dr.Yogesh for my hairloss problem. Within 3 months, it stopped falling almost 90%


My 2 yr daughter kavya was suffering from convulsions since her childhood. Since last few months she also getting recurrent bouts of cold and cough. we had to take her often to pediatric doctor as she can become worse any times. With last resort, we started Dr.Yogesh`s homeopathic medicines since last 3 month and to our surprise, she got ill only once throughout and we are very pleased with Dr.Yogesh medicines. Dr.Yogesh you are correct, miracles do happens


Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri for treating my pcod problem


I was suffering from scleroderma which I think rarest disease till date. One of my friend nelly,who is also Dr.Yogesh`s friend had given me his reference. I had telephonic conversation with him and then on skypee we had video chat. He took all relevant information then send me medicines by courier. i started his homeopathic medicines and since last 6 month ,my disease had arrested for further progress and i hope one day I will cured from this dreaded disease-scleroderma


Thanks for treating my sciatica problem. I am free from sciatica problem since last 6 months


I was taking treatment from Miracles homeo center for my loss of sleep . I was not able to get my good night sleep without any know causes. I tried alloepathic ,ayurvedic medicines but no relief. Atlast I searched Justdial and found Dr.Yogesh`s miracles health clinic. I went there with lots of expectations and Dr.Yogesh and her wife really made my life comfortable as I found that lost happiness again after cured from loss of sleep. Miracles do happens, just believe on them. Thanks Dr.Yogesh and Dr.Bhagyashri


I really like to thank Dr.Yogesh as he is treating my mother who is suffering from sarcodosis. I appreciate the efforts and co-operation by doctors of miracles health clinic. Thank you once again

mrs shams

Miracles Health Clinic is one of the best homeopathic clinic in Pune . I wish lot of success to Dr.Yogesh for coming years as he has that -healing touch


I was suffering from hypothyriodism since last 15 years and on allopathic medicines. My life was hell as apart from thyroid, I got menses problem, hairloss ,skin infections ,body pains. My life was totally disgusting. One day I searched on Justdial about homeopthic doctor in Pune for thyroid problem. I found 5-6 names of clinic where miracles health clinic was registered. miracles- name itself was so promising that I search all over internet and Justdial and read about Dr.Yogesh and Dr.Bhagyashri kadam. I went through all the comments carefully and finally decided to go to Dr.Kadam. I am staying at baner and dr.kadam`s clinic is at viman nagar. But see, when u have destiny for your cure, somebody is there for you to heal. Just time has to come. You should be at right place at right time. I went with my husband on 28 Jan 2010. Dr.Yogesh took my detail history right from my childhood. I never analyzed myself that much through out my life. I was really impressed with his style of working as he never compromised while taking down details from you. he want each and every details from you. After almost 1 and half hour of long case taking , he then discussed it with his students. He had given me one powder to eat and told me to take daily one powder on empty stomach. now it more than six month and i am totally out of all complaints. dr.kadam has changed my life. Thanx Dr.Yogesh, you are really angel in my life. Thanks Justdial to guide me for my life journey to healing


I believe in miracles as I myself experienced healing touch of Dr.Bhagyashri. I was suffering from painful menses. Right from puberty ,I really got terrified pain during menses. I pray to god to stop my period for lifetime as it made me desperate young girl. I tried so many medicines but nothing worked. I doubtfully took treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri last year and within 4 months of her treatment, my agony gone for forever. Thanx dear Bhagyashri for your kind help. Thank you very much


Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri for treating my infertility problem. I am blessed with baby boy this year. Thanks for taking tremendous efforts and kindness. I really want to recommend your name for those needy couples who don`t have any access for treatments due to various causes. I wish you best luck for your future endeavor

manoj desai

I like to thank Dr.Yogesh for treating my daughter`s bed wetting problem. She was herself feeling embarrassing due to her 12 year age. We took medicines from very know homeopathic doctors in Pune and around but really without any effects. One of my office colleague recommend Dr.Yogesh`s name. we approached him on Saturday 2 June 2012. Dr.Yogesh took her all minute details along with counseling of both of us husband -wife. They suggested some instructions along with exercise. He almost gave 2 hrs for us which I have not got from any other doctors till date. right from first day, my daughter had not done bedwetting and now its already more than 2 months, she is out of this problem. Thanks Dr.Yogesh, you are miraculous



rajesh kumar



 I am taking treatment from Dr.Kadam for my patchy hair loss. I am satisfied with homeopathic treatment


I was taking treatment from miracles health clinic for my irritable bowel syndrom(IBS) . I was frustrated due to my long standing problem. it was disgusting life, but this has been changed after homeopathic medicines from Dr.Yogesh. I was totally got cured within 6 months. Thank you Dr.Yogesh


I was taking treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri for my migraine problem. I had tried so many medicines from renowned alloepathic, homeopathic doctors but no relief. Since last 6 months, I had started Dr.Bhagyashri`s medicine and believe me. I have not got single episode of my headache

kiran sakpal

I was taking treatment for my son for adenoids problem.Dr. Yogesh has cured within 4 months. Thanx a lot Dr. Yogesh



mrs urja raheja

Excellent command over homeopathy. Thanx Dr.Yogesh for treating my depression problem

Pradeep Pawar

I thanks Dr.Bhagyashri for treating my piles/fistula problems. I was suffering from this since last 2 years. I took medicines from many doctors in Pune but temporary relief. I saw on Justdial about miracles health clinic and impressed with their ratings. I started medicines last month and within month, I am 90% cured. Thanx Dr.Bhagyashri for your support


I was diagnosed of having polycystic ovarian disease(pcod) at the age of 18 yr of my age. It was terrific period when everything was against me as ,due to hormonal imbalance my life was miserable. My overall performance in college and general life was so affected. I tried many medicines and after suggestion of our neighbour Mrs Karla. I started Dr.Bhagyashri`s medicines 2 months before. I am SURE within 3 weeks, I felt so much good that I rushed to Dr.Bhagyashri to thank her for helping me. Really you are miraculous !!


I am Dr.Yogesh`s hair loss patient since last 1 yr. I was looking for good and reasonable homeopathic therapy on internet and saw many doctors in Pune. I found many doctors list but when I saw Dr.Yogesh`s miracles health center, my intuition helped me to select best one.
When I met Dr.Yogesh, within 1st meeting we become friends. I forgot that I came for treatment. Dr.Yogesh is so much intelligent that he knows you from within outwards. I took his treatment for 1 year and now I don`t have any hair loss problem at all. But we are regularly meeting for many occasions. Dr.Yogesh, thanks for being my closed friend


I was suffering from bleeding piles since last 6 months. due to hesitation and my busy life, I have neglected my problem afterwards. I got fissure and piles both which made my life miserable. I was taking so many medicines by myself, by doctors around Aundh but no relief. One day I make my mind to search for good doctor on internet and I found Dr.Yogesh`s miracles health clinic. I read all review given by patients and I was really encouraging. I met Dr.Yogesh on 24 July. He took down all history right from my birth,childhood. with cute smile and few homeopathic medicines. He had cured my piles and fissure problem within 3 weeks. Since that time, I have not got any discomfort whatever my lifestyle is there. Thanks Dr. Yogesh and wish you many many best luck for your future endeavor


Excellent homeopathic treatment for -migrain headache. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri

Vinod Gupta



I was very much worried about my son recurrent bronchitis. He was not able to attend school for 15days at stretch. We took him to all pediatric, homeopathic doctors in and around Pune, but no long lasting relief. One of my neighbor`s suggested Dr.Yogesh and I brought my son to his clinic, Miracles health clinic in viman nagar. Dr.Yogesh literally took case study for more than 2 hours and afterwords prescribed homeopathic sweet pills for 3 weeks. We were so much impressed with his hard work and dedication towards his work. Within 3 months period, he was better and since last one year he is out of all medicines and sufferings also. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and wish you best luck for future


Since last 2 yrs, I was suffering from constant hot flushes with mood swings. My family doctor diagnosed it as the case of menopause. I was too much frustrated as I am not able to do my daily chores. I lost confidence as well as my charm. I was against hormones replacement therapy due to its side-effects so I decided to start with homeopathy. I got reference of Dr.Bhagyashri through one of my close friends


Excellent homeopathic doctor with command over homeopathy, psychology. I am recommending Miracles Health Clinic for all those who love their dear and near ones


Thank you Dr.Yogesh for treating my anxiety problem. I was actually living on psychiatric drugs before starting your medicines. I was worthless and useless fellow in society. But you gave me hope and correct medicines that`s why I am now free of all psychiatric medicines and now a days I am living a happy married life without stress and anxiety


We are thankful to Dr.Yogesh for being our family physician since last 8 yrs. My son`s bronchial asthma, my daughter`s psoriasis, my migraine problem as well as my husband`s blood pressure everything is under control and we are away from all other types of medicines except homeopathic medicines given by Dr.Yogesh. Dr.Yogesh is such a wonderful doctor that inspite of staying in wanawori we keep coming for our health problems. I can assure you, he will take care of you in any serious conditions also. We only have faith in him and homeopathy


I took treatment for hairloss problem from Dr.Yogesh and I got complete cure within 6 month. Definitely I will recommend Dr.Yogesh`s miracles health center for those who really want genuine treatment of homeopathy. Thank you Dr.Yogesh


I am Dr.Bhagyashri`s hairloss patient. Really you are miraculous as nobody can compete with her as she know what to do when treating patient. I am really recommending Dr.Bhagyashri for all people concerned about health and cure without any side effects. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri


I am taking treatment for my hives (urticaria) problem from Dr.Yogesh. Previously I never slept well due to tremendous itching of my skin throughout day-night. I took allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines also but no use. My life was miserable before I visited miracles health clinic. Within 6 weeks its under control and only few episodes till date which get cured with those sweet pills given by Dr.Yogesh. Thank you very much and wish you best of luck for your healing journey

Abhishek dalal

Thanks for treating my wife`s hypothyroidism. Within 2 year of your medication she is now out of all allopathic medicines. Her weight is now also reduced. Thanks Dr.Yogesh


Excellent command over human psychology

Vishal gade

Excellent treatment for pimples

VT shajith

Excellent homeopathic treatment for acne problems. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri

Ronald kapper

Dr. Yogesh is best homeopath I ever met since. Ny nephrotic syndrom got cured within 1 year and now all kidney function tests are normal. Thanx Dr. Yogesh


I want to thanks Dr.Bhagyashri for giving me treatment for poly cystic ovarian disease. I was very much tense before starting homeopathy but Dr.Bhagyashri gave me assurance that within 1 year pcod problem will get cured with homeopathy,without any hormonal medicines and without any side-effects. I really thank her for her kindness and now I am free from pcod problem as my all sonography reports came normal.All the best


I took medicines for my polycystic ovarian disease (pcod)from Dr.Bhagyashri .within 8 months ,all my reports came normal. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri ,you are genious.! I really recommend your name-Miracles Health Clinic to all females who want to cure their problems without any hormonal medicines and without any side-effects

ravi kiran

I took treatment from Dr.Yogesh for my ankylosing spondylosis for 8 month. Within 3 weeks, I got 80 % better in pain and now I am out of my problem and enjoying of my life. Thank you Dr.Yogesh.

kanchan chhabra


abhishek dhoni

Excellent for asthma


Thank you Dr.Yogesh for treating my hair loss problem. I was worried about the outcome of homeopathic treatment but now I can say confidently – just visit once to miracles your all health concerned will be deal with utmost care! MIRACLES DO HAPPENS!!


I took treatment for thyroid problem with goiter and cyst from Dr.Bhagyashri and I got cured within one month. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri

mrs monali chawla

My pcod problem got cured within 8 months.. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri


I took treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri for my irregular menses. Its really miracle within 8 months. I got my normal menses also improved my pimple problem

Sameer khan

I took treatment from Dr.Yogesh for my psoriasis problem. I started his homeopathic treatment on Aug 2013. In the beginning there was no improvement within 1st 2 month but Dr.Yogesh assured me that wait for few months more to my surprise. I find my skin exfoliate rapidly and it looks like I am loosing all my skin over psoriasis. Dr.Yogesh again was confident enough about his medicines. Slowly slowly all skin fade and now this is more that 8 month , my skin scaling stopped fully and all dark spots went off its own. I am now not using anything else for outside application and I am very much sure now that is – I AM AT RIGHT PLACE. THANK YOU DR.YOGESH AND BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE PLANS

Chandrakant koravi

Excellent treatment for dark spot on my face. They vanished within 6 month. Thanks Dr.Yogesh

vaibhavi marchant

I took Dr.Bhagyashri`s treatment for my gall-bladder stones and painful menses(dysmenorrhea) in last year. I was better in all sense from 3 month onwards. My pain during menses had gone for forever and I don`t need any type of painkiller now a days. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri and about my gall stones they have reduced in size and quantities and she told me not to think about surgery. These stones will disappears within few months more. I am sure you have the same experience with miracles homeopathic clinic. Thank you once again


I took Dr. Yogesh` homeopathic medicines for my son`s asthma problem. He was suffering lot from wheezing and totally depends upon steroid pumps but with homeopathic medicines from Dr.Yogesh , he is now out of all allopathic medicines and 80% better with homeopathy. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and best of luck


I was suffering from asthma and p.c.o.d since last 2 yrs. I took treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri and within 6 months all my problems solved. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri. your are really miraculous


I took treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri for my migraine problem which got cured within 1 year with homeopathy. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri.


I was suffering from back pain which I thought due to my IT job sitting posture. I was doing physiotherapy and taking painkillers but only temporarily subsided. I heard about Miracles homeopathic clinic from many of my office friends. I finally thought of giving try and Dr.Yogesh took whole my history for more than 1 hrs which was amazing as I never thought about myself in details. Dr.Yogesh told me that I am suffering from kidney stones which was shocking from me. I did x-ray same day and found 4 small renal calculi in both of my kidneys. Dr.Yogesh`s diagnosis is so accurate that within one month, my back pain subside more than 90% and its not there since last 4 months. I am advised to do x-ray again as he told me that my stone will goes out and hope it will come soon out. Best of luck Dr.Yogesh Kadam and thank you very much!!!


Dr.Bhagyashri is one of the best homeopathic doctor in Pune for female(gynecology) problems


I took homeopathic treatment from Dr.Bhagyashri for my gynecology problems and I bet she is the most successful doctor for female problems as she has deepest knowledge of homeopathy, modern medicines as well as human psychology which is making her most recommended doctor in Pune. You can see her profile everywhere in Google, Justdial, Practo where everybody giving good opinion about her. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri and all the best!!!!


I would like to congrats Dr.Bhagyashri for achieving best homeopathic doctor award in survey of-DAINIK CITYPLUS. I am also one of your fortunate patient who took treatment for infertility of unknown cause which she has resolved within 1 yr. Today I am mother of healthy baby girl . Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri and best of luck


I started treatment from Dr.Yogesh for my ischemic heart disease. I had 3 heart attacks within span of 6 months and I survived without any complications but doctors warned me about further attacks. One of my relative suggested me about Miracles Health Clinic and I started Dr.Yogesh`s homeopathic treatment in Jan 2013 and felt better within 2 months. No chest pain, no breathlessness and no weakness. Slowly with homeopathy I was gaining my weight and resistance power. Now today 12 May 2015 and I have not got any heart attack since last 2 years and all the credit goes to Dr.Yogesh. My cardiologist also felt amazed after seeing my recovery and he himself stopped half of my medication. Today I am without any allopathic medication and enjoying my retired life. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and thank homeopathy


I am taking treatment from Dr.Yogesh for my diabetics which is uncontrolled as my HBAC was 12 before starting homeopathy now within 6 months its 6.5. I am very much satisfied with his treatment, thanks Dr.Yogesh

manju chowdhary

I took homeopathic treatment for primary infertility from Dr.Bhagyashri. As name suggest its really miraculous, I delivered healthy baby boy on 20th May 2015. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri


I have taken treatment for wart on my palm which I had surgically removed twice but it reappeared. So I took Dr.Yogesh`s treatment and within 3 days wart fell down and Dr.Yogesh told me that it will never come again. Thanks Dr.Yogesh


I am taking treatment for recurrent sinusitis since 3 months from Dr.Bhagyashri. I was much better within 2 weeks and my sinusitis now is with less intensity & I am sure she will cure my problem completely.



I am MRS SANGEETA SHARMA- prinicple of one of the prestigious school in kalyani nagar. I am taking treatment for my asthma problems since last 2 yrs from Dr.Yogesh. I was suffering like a hell as i was on anti-allergic, antacids, inhalers and steroids. So called chest physician and specialist had given me more than 10 medicines and they told me that I have to live with this problem forever. I started my homeopathic medicines from Dr. Yogesh on recommendations from so many people of my society. Not a single person has given me bad/negative review .I am sure QUALITY COMES WITH PRICE TAG! I have seen today that people argues with doctors also . They have habit of bargaining everywhere. I am better day by day as its my body`s immunity problem. I am thankful to Dr.Yogesh for taking my phone call in odd hours as no doctor will entertain you after his clinic timings. Dr. Yogesh away their whenever you need him. Miracles health clinic is truly rescuer for suffering humanity. JUST BELIEVE-MIRACLES DO HAPPENS!


Deepak pawar

Excellent results for indigestion and acidity problems. Thumps up!!!!!!

Deepak pawar


Once again Dr.Yogesh showed his uniqueness as I was his patient for hair loss problem and it got cured within 6 months. So I started his treatment for my 5 years old younger child who has 2/3 grey hair. We were worried as this is too early age for white hair and this time again Dr.Yogesh`s miracles homeopathy helped us. He advised some diet changes along with his miraculous homeopathic medicines. We have full faith on him so without any second thought we started the treatment. Now today its more than a year, not a single white hair we can see as Dr.Yogesh told me that once it will totally avoid recurrence of white hair. Thanks Dr.Yogesh



SLOW & STUDY WINS THE RACE!!!!! My gallbladder stones vanished in 8 months and I had 8 mm gallbladder stones, 5-6 in number since last 2 years. My other doctors recommended me for surgery but I searched on net and found about Dr.Yogesh`s Miracles Heath Clinic. I was doubtful about homeopathic medicines but as last resort I started Dr.Yogesh treatment since last Jan 2015 and it was total surprised for me. No pain, no acidity since last 8 months and I checked my sonography and report was unbelievable as I had only 2 stones left that also 3mm and 2mm in size. Dr.Yogesh told me that those will also vanish, just have patience. I am getting treatment from one of the best homeopathic doctor in Pune, thanks.


narendra sharma

Hi I am Narendra Sharma from Delhi. We are Dr.Bhagyashri`s patient. my 1 yr old boy aditya was suffering from atopic dermatitis since his birth. We had shown to lots of doctors in Delhi including homeopaths but everything was temporary. My is cousin is studying in symbiosis Pune himself took treatment for hairloss from Dr.bhagyashri and got complete cure within 6 months. On his insist we came to pune and showed our son aditya in Jan 2015. Miracles health clinic is small but neat and clean clinic . I think both husband and wife are in same profession. Dr.bhagyashri is pleasant , easygoing doctor i have ever met. She took my wife case history for more than 2 hrs right from her own birth to aditya birth and development stages. She asked so many questions which we were astonished to know its inter-connect with psyche of my wife and my son. Dr.Bhagyashri is took so much efforts to know minute details from patient and relatives which we look as unnecessary. My wife was literally crying at the end of the consultation when she remind herself about her mental turmoil during pregnancy. dr.bhagyashri with her patience,dedication and sincerity & with her own pleasant aura made us comfortable. She gave one dose there itself with 2months medicines to be taken at home twice a day. We went back next day to our hometown. my kid aditya was crying so much throughout journey and slept peacefully after we reached home for more than 8 hrs. Next day his skin was peeling like snakes. We called dr.bhagyashri and she asked us by saying wait and watch. Aditya`s itching reduced by 70% .now today its more than 8 months and aditya is 60% better in all sense, its amazing. I am wishing her very bright future and best of luck.

narendra sharma

yursa khan

My daughter`s eye number has gone within 1 year. Thanks Dr.Yogesh.

yursa khan

Anamika Mukharjee

4-CHAR GOLI DOCTORS! How can i forget those terrific days when I was getting migraine attacks. I was used to lying down in bed like a dead log. I was getting these painful headaches since last 2& 1/2 yr when I was pregnant. I tried so many medications during pregnancy and afterward but those were without results. I finally got to know about dr.bhagyashri from one of my relative who stays in viman nagar. I am staying in Pashan but my relative so much told me about miracles health clinic that I couldn`t resist myself to give last chance to this doctor. When I met dr.bhagyashri, i found something is extra. I am not able to describe this but she has something extra-sense or power which make you feel relieved -healed with her own aura. She took my history patiently for more than 1 hr and given me some magic medicines which have to be taken with water. I never had this type of experience while taking medicines from other doctors. She explains to me everything and called me to visit after 1 month. Within that 1 month, my headache was gone like I never had it before. When I met her on the next visit, I literally cried. Dr.Bahgyashri, you gave me my life back. I am grateful to you. I wish this doctor should be available to the person who lost hope due to their health problems.

Anamika Mukharjee

Remesh Lal

Prostate enlargment of my father has been in control with homeopathic medicines since last 8 months. he is not able to wait for urination and frequency also too much in night . because of that he was sleepless and irritable. Dr.Yogesh has gained confidence of my father as he is now self reliant and enjoying golden days. Thanks Dr.Yogesh.

Purva Kolhe

My psoriasis got completely cured by Dr.Bhagyashri, thank you.


Excellent treatment for piles and cured within 2 weeks

Anamika Mukharjee

4-CHAR GOLI DOCTORS! How can i forget those terrific days when i was getting migraine attacks. I was used to lie down in bed like a dead log. i was getting these painful headaches since last 2& 1/2 yr when I was pregnant. I tried so many medications during pregnancy and aftrerwards but those were without results. I finally got to know about dr.bhagyashri from one of my relative who stays in viman nagar. I am staying in Pashan but my relative so much told me about miracles health clinic that I couldn`t resist myself to give last chance to this doctor. When i met dr.bhagyashri , i found something is extra. I am not able to describe this but she has something extra-sense or power which make you feel relieved -healed with her own aura. She took my history patiently for more than 1 hr and given me some magic medicines which has to be taken with water. I never had this type of experience while taking medicines from other doctors. She explain me everything and called me to visit after 1 month. Within that 1 month, my headache was gone like I never had it before. When I met her in next visit , I literally cried . Dr.Bahgyashri, you gave me my life back. I am grateful to you . I wish this doctor should be available to person who lost hope due to their health problems.


I am cured from arthritis within 1 year. Thanks.

Mrs Harjeet Kaur

Excellent communication skill,extremely hardworking and passionate about homeopathy .this is trio which define Dr.Yogesh Kadam. Mere seeing body language Dr.Yogesh knows his patient from within outwards. I took his treatment for chronic sinusitis. I was told to undergo surgery but dr.yogesh saved me. I am totally cured today and doesn`t have any problems since 6 months. Dr.yogesh you are best.


Once again Dr.Bhagyashri showed that she is the best homeopathic doctor in Pune. My brother was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris, scary skin disorder in June 2014. He was treated by famous skin specialist from Pune & around but we wasted time and money. He was totally depends on steroids as they said it is last resort but once again destiny forced us to visit Miracles Health Clinic and Dr.Bhagyashri took his history on phone as he could not walk to visit clinic. She gathered all information from us as well relatives and given us 4 pills only. Next day when he took 1 pill, he has felt something different and within 4 weeks his skin faded up. All dirty coverings off wound vanished like magic and she called us after 2 months when he was movable and came to clinic smiling with sparkles in eyes which was lost since last 1 year. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri very much.


Dr.Bhagyashri treated my PCOD problems and I got cured within 1 & 1/2 year. I was suffering from irregular periods with lots of pain and it was so terrible that I could not go to job for 2-3 days. I had hormonal treatment by many doctors but without permanent results. One of my friend recommended me to visit Miracles Homeopathic Clinic as she herself got cured of migraine within 4 months. I started dr.Bhagyashri`s medicines and slow and steadily I improved a lot. I was without painkillers and hormonal tab and now I am totally cured. Thank you very much Dr.Bahgyashri.


My daughter was suffering from itching all over body since last 2 yrs. We tried many doctors including homeopathic doctors in viman nagar and around Pune, but they failed to relived tremendous itching of Arzoo. We were so desperate that we took steroids , anti-allergic tab from skin specialist and applied kilos of skin lotions ans creams. but again temporary relief. Many doctors diagnosed this condition as lichen planus, dermatitis ,eczema and so on.they also told us this might be case of psychological problem and referred us to psychiatrist. We were very much worried and one day my family Dr. Saira Momin told me about Dr. Bhagyashri`s miracles health clinic. One movements we were freezed to hearing this name of clinic. We went there and met Dr.Bhagyashri. She patiently listen to us and give us confidence that she will help us. We took medicines regularly for 5-6 months and arzoo skin itching reduced and she is 80% better. I am praying the GOD please give Dr.Bhagyashri 100% success in her practice so that she can relived the sufferings of needy people like us. AMEN!


Excellent job by Dr.Yogesh as you have completely cured my son from psoriasis problem. We are very grateful to you and Miracles Health Clinic.

Tingre Anil

My piles got cured within 3 months and I had bleeding piles with tremendous pain. I took treatment from Dr.Yogesh and my problems got solved, thanks Dr.Yogesh.


Dr.Bhagyashri has treated me for fibroid uterus problems, she has given me treatment for complete 2 years and my all menses problems along with fibroid got cured. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri, you are simply great.


My migrain cured within 6 months, thanks Dr.Bhagyashri.

Shruti Sinha

My daughter azeen has vomiting problems especially in morning as soon as she wake up. She was unable to go to school. We were so worried as she was missing her school since last 6 months. we showed to many child specialist and homeopathic doctors also but not a single day went without this vomiting episodes. Our neighbor suggested Dr.Yogesh miracles homeopathic clinic. We doubtfully started Dr.Yogesh medicines. Dr.Yogesh gives us assurance that this is curable problem with homeopathy. To us surprised , from second day onward vomiting stopped almost instantly and she was not vomited for last 3 months but towards on safer side , we requested Dr.Yogesh to continue azeen medications as we have noticed 100% change in her diet, immunity as well as overall improvement in her behavioral pattern. Thanks Dr.Yogesh and your are best doctor in Pune.


My father had kidney stones on both sides about 10-14mm in sizes. We have done lithotripsy twice but stones appeared again within 1 year. We took ayurvedic treatment but it was only helpful till removal off stones but within few months they again starts forming. We were tired of taking treatments and one day my gym instructor told me about Dr. Yogesh`s Miracles Homeopathic Clinic. We went on 2nd August 2015 and after details questioning, Dr.Yogesh had prescribed some small 4 pills – 1 pill per week and no other medicines. We were little doubtful but thought about giving one chance. To our surprise, my father had tremendous pain in same night and at 2am in morning he had passed 3 stones. Dr.Yogesh already given us instructions what to be done in that situation, so we followed as written. Next day morning no pain, no heaviness while urination and my father looked so happy and energetic. We took homeopathic treatment almost for 1 year as per Dr.Yogesh`s instructions and within this span, we did sonography and Kub X-ray which were normal. Today we again did all reports and after looking them, Dr.Yogesh have told us that its time to stop medicines and given us again 4 pills – 1pill per six months. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and we will definitely recommend your name for sure-shot homeopathic treatments. Best of luck!!!!!!

Anvi Anand

Best children specialist doctor in town as I myself had good experience with my daughter who was falling sick every time season changes. We took homeopathy for more than 2 years and now she does not fall sick at all.


I am thankful for Dr. Yogesh for curing my herpez zoaster within 3 days, you are brilliant.

Jalpa Lkhande

My mother`s leg pain got better within 1 month and she can walk now without any support. Thanks Dr.Bhagyashri.


My piles and fissure problem got cured within 4 months. Thanks Dr. Bhagyashri.

Shrikant Wakchaure

I got cured from my kidney stones within 6 months. Thanks Dr.Yogesh.

Supriya Patil

I have ulcerative colitis for 10 years and my life becomes miserable as it is affecting my carrier as well as my family life. I was labeled as incurable by allopathic doctors and I am taking Mesocol Tab and doctor said I have to take it for lifelong. I started homeopathic treatment to Dr.Yogesh for last 3 months and I am better more than 60%. I hope Dr.Yogesh will cure my problem for forever in a few years. Best of luck Dr.Yogesh and thank you!!!!!

Supriya Patil


My warts fell off within 4 months and not recurred afterwards. Thanks Dr.Yogesh Kadam



We took treatment of my wife`s hair loss problem. we were skeptical as she had took medicines from many doctors including homeopathy but nobody could find out exact solution for her severe hair-loss. I am really impressed with the in-depth approach of Dr.Yogesh`s miracles health clinic. no short-cuts, no non-sense talk as he himself is consulting patients not his assistance which is generally happening in many clinics. We liked his straight forwardness and simplicity and decided to opt for treatment. We religiously took for 8 months and all hair related problem vanishes and nothing is reoccurred .Thank you very much.


This is my 7th patient to miracles health clinic. I was taking treatment for my son`s allergic bronchitis which was diagnosed as CHILD ASTHMA. We were on so many anti-allergic, inhalers and so many things but nothing seems to work for my son. When we started Dr.Yogesh Kadam`s medicines ,my son showed improvement within 1month. Slowly and steadily we stopped all allopathic medicines and within 1 & 1/2 yrs my son`s asthma got completely cured . Then I have started homeopathic medicines for my parents -My mother was suffering from knee pain and arthritis. She is also felt better and able to bear aches and pains of old age. Then for my father patient of chronic constipation and angry man. he also felt relieved and his anger seems to be in control. We recommended miracles health clinic to our in-laws. Mother-in-law had problem of severe skin allergy which Dr.Yogesh told us it is case of URTICARIA. She didn`t required anti-allergic since that day as whenever she has itching ,she happily takes 4pills given by Dr.Yogesh. Then I have suggested to so many neighbors which really benefited from miracles health clinic.



MY P.C.O.D problem is cured by Dr. Bhagyashri Y K within 4 months. Thanks Miracles Health Clinic.



I am very much satisfied with Dr.Bhagyashri`s homeopathic treatment for my weight gain, hair loss and pimple problems. I was recommended by one of my relative who had benefited from Miracles Health Clinic for her son for asthma. I took 4 months medicines initially and went back to Qatar. I started homeopathic treatment and slow and study it shows its results. I lost 6kg within 4 months, my skin trouble like acne and skin pigmentation improved more than 60% and my hair loss got cured. When I returned, Dr.Bhagyashri did not not recognized me easily as I was totally changed. She again gave me medicines for next 8 months as I am unable to come for next few months. Dr.Bahgyashri always supported me, always ready to solve queries on phone, Msg as well as on Skype. I think this doctor couple having miraculous healing touch and many patients will get benefited from them. I am really lucky to find Miracles Health Clinic.


Aribhash Kumar

I have taken homeopathic treatment from dr.yogesh for my scalp psoriasis which i was suffering from last few years. initially i assumed it as dandruff and did all sort of home remedies as well as ayurvedic nukkhe and oils. But it really reappears as soon as i stop using oils and shampoos. I am working in mnc and its really embracing as flakes come all over to my shirt, shoulder and face. In between i took skin doctors treatment also but nothing was working on me. One of my office friend took Dr.Yogesh treatment for his sinusiits treatment and he got cured within 1 yr ,so on his recommendation. I have also started Dr.Yogesh treatment. He patiently took my history and prescribed me 4 powders to be taken once in week with water. I am really amused as he has not given me any oil and shampoo as I also took homeopathic treatment from so called hair clinic from Pune itself who has given me lots of stuff which was actually useless for me. I want to give Dr.Yogesh fair chance so i have not asked him about this. I started his homeopathic treatment , within 1 week 20% better ,second week 30% and so on . when i completed 1 month. I was 50% better in terms of scaling and flakes reduction. I was excited to see results ,so again took medicines for next few months. To my surprise, I was improving day by day in my skin problems without using any external means. As my problem was chronic , it took 1 and 1/2 yr to complete cure and now dr.yogesh told me he is stopping homeopathic medicines and told me to visit every 4 months to review the case. This is amassing! homeopathy never fails , its only matter of your luck to find out good homeopathic doctor ,thats it !

Aribhash Kumar


How to express gratitude towards Dr.Yogesh! We are his patient right from Asmita – my daughter`s birth. She was mere 3 days old with lot of anxieties and fear, we approached Dr. Yogesh for Asmita`s loose motion problem which was not getting better by child specialist doctors. We were 1st timer parents and worried a lot, some of my neighbors suggested Dr. Yogesh`s Homeopathic Clinic and we went there and very much relaxed as we saw many parents with children sitting and taking treatment from Dr. Yogesh. We also asked some of parents how is Dr.Yogesh`s treatment and there were lots of good reviews and assurance from them as if we were at right place. We started his treatment and within 1 week, Asmita back to her giggling state. From that time we never visited any other doctors except for vaccinations and some emergencies. Dr.Yogesh was always there for us on phone, Sms, Whatsapp and he never tired of solving health problems and suggesting solutions for same. Today Asmita is 12 years young, beautiful girl with lots of energy and vigor. When we look back to 12 years, we are very much satisfied and giving our blessings to Dr. Yogesh for his miraculous healing touch. Thank you Dr.Yogesh.



I took homeopathic medicines for my cervical spondylosis from Dr.Yogesh and got cured within 1 yr. thank you



Hi my sinusitis problem got cured within 6 months .thank you dr.bhagyashri



Hi my name is rajeev shukla. i am c.e.o of multinational company. i want to give sincere compliment to dr.yogesh for his extra smart way of treatment. i was suffering from fistula-in-ano which seems to be one of the painful condition in medical world. being modern man ,i consulted many specialist and they all advice me for surgery. as i am frequent flyer and traveler, they gave me antibiotics many times but all is not well. i was dragging myself due to my busy schedule but i was in pain. one of my subordinate suggested dr.yogesh name as he himself got better from homeopathy. i was not aware of anything than allopathy so i half heartily wanted to give last chance to dr.yogesh and his homeopathy. i met dr.yogesh on 13 feb 2017 at 8 pm . he is man with confidence . he had only asked me three questions- 1) how is pain – feels to me ? 2) what is pus-color and any blood mixing in it? 3) any thing making me worse or better- like hot & cold ? movement & rest ?——-thats all. he gave me 2 powders . i was surprised as he didn’t want to know what is diagnosis? how much medicines i took? —- i started his medicines on 13th feb 2017 and my fistula literally bust after 3 days- with oozing of pus and blood but there was no pain . i was cleaning it through out day . i called dr.yogesh and he told me he was expecting same thing. within next 2 days everything stopped and i started feeling better. today is 24 feb 2017 and my fistula in ano is 90% better. he has saved me from major surgery .its really amazing. hats off dr.yogesh. you are best !!!



I was referred by my society’s whats up group as I was new to pune. I was suffering from terrible cough since last 2 months. I consulted 2-3 top most hospitals in pune . Everybody was giving me relief for few days but again cough comes with more intensity. I was fed up due to coughing . One of doctor also advised me for tuberculosis test but test was negative. I really want to try other options so visited dr.yogesh on 24 jan 17. I was lucky to visit dr.yogesh as he had planned to go on conference on 25th jan. dr.yogesh saw all reports and took my history right from beginning. He gave me 4 powders – 1 powder per week and one liquid to be taken in Luke warm water . He advised me to take my allopathic medicines if its seems to be required very much. I started his medicines on same date and that night I slept for more than 8 hrs which was impossible for last 2 months. Next day was feeling so energetic and fresh . Cough was better by 50% within night. I took his medicines for 4 weeks and felt 90% better. cough only comes if I exert myself too much. He has given me 2nd month medicines again and told me to visit after 8 weeks if required. I was completely cured by dr.yogesh and his SIMPLE HOMEOPATHY. Thank you dr.yogesh and all the best to your healing journey.



I was shocked to see comments about Dr.Yogesh as i am his patient since 12 yrs. he was charging 50 rs that time . now he is senior homeopathic doctor with lots of students coming for learning . He is genuine ,hardworking ,approachable doctor and we trust him more than anybody in Pune. He has increased his fees slowly and gradually . I think he has earned his reputation not begged .he deserved this much fees. Now also we are consulting him regularly and referring so many patient and needy people for his expertise opinion. We do not mind paying his fees as we know we are at right place. People want to shell huge amount in pizza-burgers and mall. but feel ashamed to pay fees of doctors . Simple rule- QUALITY COMES WITH PRICE TAG! if you can not afford fees why don’t you ask right before consulting? Do you feel awkward or ashamed to ask about fees? Dr. Yogesh is sincere ,hardworking doctor , do not judge anybody in first visit? You can ask for favor to get discount if you want . we always appreciate his efforts to heal mankind. Thanks Dr.Yogesh for giving chance to write review about your clinic. If anybody wants my mobile no for reference please call me



I was suffering from urticaria problem for 2 yrs. I took dr.yogesh homeopathic treatment for 8 months. It has shown marvelous effects within 2 months, I have stopped all my allopathic anti-allergic medicines. Dr.yogesh given me SOS medicines which he had advised to take during itching. I was completely better within 8 months. Thank you dr.yogesh



I owe my life to dr.bhagyashri as she has many healing powers and she made me realize my potential . when i met her last year , I was totally under depression due to family problems. I was not able do my daily routine also. I was on psychiatric medications, thyroid medications and painkillers. i was totally shattered . Dr.bhagyashri with her healing touch and kind words , counselled me and given homeopathic medicines which gave me instant result. Initially I was afraid to face people, but within 1 week of her visit , I got interview call from one of reputed school for teaching. I was selected and now i am vice-principle of same institute. Today I am free of all medications and with full confidence .I am giving full credit to dr.bhagyashri.


Rode Aditya

I was reading reviews on many website for homeopathic doctors. while browsing i had come to know about miracles homeopathic clinic. I was amazed to see name itself – miracles ! wow what a coincidence. I was also frustrated for my mothers corn problem as it was more than 5 yrs and unable to get rid of that due to doctor’s trials on her. i patiently read all reviews about miracles health clinic and decided to give final chance to Dr. Yogesh. when i reached there,Dr. Yogesh was found to be born healer, my mother was so impressed with him that she was giving lots of blessings. i think he is best in psychological counseling. At the end of the session my mother declared Dr. Yogesh as her 2nd son. He noted down all her behavioral pattern and body language that although my mother doesn’t know any other language than GUJARATI & Dr. Yogesh was understanding little bit of it, case history went smooth for 2 hrs and my mother was seems to relieved so much by mere talking with dr.yogesh. She took his homeopathic medicines for 8 months and everything got vanished along with depression my mother was suffering internally . Dr.yogesh is Marvelous!! Nothing can be compare with those words.

Rode Aditya

Deepak Pathare

Dr.yogesh kadam is one of the best pediatric specialist in pune. He treat all sort of children complaints allergy ,asthma, skin troubles , growth problems and behavioral complaints successfully with the help of homeopathy. Right place for your precious one.

Deepak Pathare


Get to know true sense of holistic healing. I was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and totally depend upon allopathic med.


Amrutlal Kanji

Excellent result for my psoriasis, I was suffering from this dreadful illness since childhood. Initially I ignored this but slowly it occupied all over my body. It was embracing me to face society, as per advice and emergency, I took treatment from skin specialist but nothing worked on me. So I finally tried homeopathy from Dr.Yogesh Kadam and it worked miraculously. Thank you Dr.Yogesh for helping me.

Amrutlal Kanji

Raavi Landange

Excellent homeopathic doctor for children problems.

Raavi Landange

M.R Gangurde

I have taken treatment for my daughter for PCOD from Miracles Health Clinic. As usual we had first gynecologist medicines and all those sonography and hormonal pills we tired as we were worried about our daughter’s future. We met one family in sonography clinic itself whose daughter had same problem like my daughter have. Today that girl came with baby bump and looking healthy and happy. On their recommendation, we also started homeopathic medicines from Miracles Health Clinic and with 1 and 1/2 year all PCOD problem got cured along with other symptoms of hormonal disturbances. We will definitely give 100% to Miracles Homeopathy Clinic.

M.R Gangurde

Rakesh Mishra

I was brought to Dr.Yogesh’s Miracles Health Clinic by my father-in-law for my habit of excessive alcohol drinking. Although I was in reputed company as a Software Engineer, I do not know how I trapped myself in this alcoholism. I was happily married person with beautiful wife but only with this bad habit everything was alright. My father-in-law read about Dr.Yogesh from internet and we came on 12 Sep, 2017 for consultation. After detail case taking, Dr.Yogesh had prescribed some magical powders to be taken into water for my case into alcohol. He had not advised to stop alcohol, I was happiest than all and I assumed let give try to this doctor also as I know I was hardcore drinker. My wife gave me 1st powder in alcohol itself with lot of confidence on her face. I took that medicated drink that day and next day I went to usual daily work. When I came back form office, I did not felt urge for drinking and I was shocked I passed that day without alcohol. Next few days again same thing happened, it was now more than 1 week I had not touched alcohol. Next week, my wife gave me 2nd dose and asked me whether to add into water or alcohol, I literately amused as I myself insisted water. This was proceed till 1 month and I have not touch alcohol for whole month. First time in our life, we have celebrated Diwali with lots of relatives and friends gathering who were avoiding me due to my alcoholism. I called dD.Yogesh in Diwali itself and given million of thanks and best of luck for his bright future. Thank you Dr.Yogesh once again!!!!!

Rakesh Mishra

Sunil Kadam

Excellent for female problems.

Sunil Kadam

Aarti Zaveri

Dr.bhagyashri is one of the topmost homeopathic doctor for female problems and skin problems. She had cured my endometriosis and urticaria problem within 1 yr. Thank you mam

Aarti Zaveri

Santosh Paradkar

I am dr.yogesh”s patient cum friend as he never treat anybody for sake of treatment . he involves very much in each and every life span activities ; as according to him, psycho-dynamic plays import role in everyone’s life and basic core of life. dr.yogesh gives importance to cause-effect phenomenon for all minor to major complaints and health problems . we will become one of the family members of miracles health clinic . he is always there to share your thoughts,feelings and emotions . dr.yogesh is true homeopathic healer as his approach is holistic and seems to go to roots of the problems which is ultimate road to recovery. because of homeopathy my vision to life dramatically changed and i am free from all negative energies . thank you very much dr.yogesh for being there.

Santosh Paradkar


6/1/18 i am kritika’s father mr.ram darshan. we took homeopathic medicines from dr.yogesh’s miracles homeopathic clinic for my daughter’s recurrent cold and cough with tonsil swelling. we were advised for anti-allergic montair tab and inhaler as well as surgery to remove tonsils. but we were not convince about this line of treatment. so finally we decided to give try to homeopathy. we search and research many days on internet, we also asked few friends recommendations and finally came to miracles homeopathic clinic. dr.yogesh explained each and every things- how homeopathy can help us in long term in aspect of immunity building, social and mental development and overall personality improvement . we started kritika’s homeopathic medications on December 2016 and through out winter she was up and down with her problem but does not required anything else except homeopathic medicines . slowly and steadily dr.yogesh weaned off all other medications and she was totally on homeopathic medicines . she had not got any sever attack even in 2017 winter and everything was smooth till date. when we met last time on 2 jan 2018 , dr yogesh told us now she is cured of her allergic bronchitis and tonsillitis problem and now does not required any continued medication ,even homeopathic . we are so much pleased with dr.yogesh’s homeopathic treatment. he is the best.!!!



My daughter has white spot on her body which skin doctors diagnosed as vitiligo. We took his treatment for more than 3 yrs . Initially it went off for few months, but its reappeared severely all over body with rapid space and he could not control it progress. so we stopped his treatment and started Ayurveda treatment. again same cycle repeated. we were worried about our daughter’s health and future. one day my boss Mr.manish vyas recommended dr.yogesh name. We went there with lot of hopes and by the grace of GOD we were on right place. dr.yogesh started homeopathic treatment on 2/8/16 and within 1 and 1/2 yrs her white spots turns into normal body colored and now she has not having single spot on her body anywhere . thank you very much dr.yogesh and your beautiful homeopathy.


Rashmi Sinha

I am mrs Rashmi Sinha. I took homeopathic medicines for my vertigo and dizziness problem from Dr. Yogesh’s miracles homeopathic clinic. My vertigo problems got cured within 3 months . I will always recommend dr.yogesh for any health problem as he knows crux of illness . He is passionate homeopathic doctor who is having healing touch as i have shown to many doctors before consulting dr.yogesh but nothing worked. Dr.yogesh is seems to be borne healer as his presence is always pleasant and his energies help you to overcome your inner ill-health . His unique way of dispensing medicines make me felt relieved within few days. I have refereed many patients ,relatives to dr.yogesh’s miracles health clinic and everybody are pleased with his treatment.

Rashmi Sinha

Arvind Mishra

My wart fell off within 1 week. what a great doctor. Thanks Dr. Yogesh

Arvind Mishra


I have taken treatment for my bleeding piles. from 1st month itself bleeding stopped completely and piles got relieved permanently within 6 month. thank you dr.bhagyashri



Once again Dr.Yogesh has proved that homeopathy is not only useful in cold-cough problems but also in dangerous problem like fistula. I was suffering from this fistula problem since August, 2017 and I tired many treatments. Finally when I showed it to surgeon, they recommended emergency surgery as it was pus-blood filled wound giving me trouble day and night. One of my friend who was Dr.Yogesh’s patient also suggested me to try once homeopathy from miracles homeopathic clinic. I had started Dr.Yogesh’s treatment in January 18/1st week and within 1 month my fistula stopped oozing pus & blood. I was amazed to see fast results of homeopathy but never thought it will be so fast. Dr.Yogesh gave me water medicines for next 2 months and called me to visit him in March. Today it’s 22 MARCH 2018, I totally got cured with fistula problem and my wound healed permanently. There is no trace remained, Dr.Yogesh hats-off to you and your amazing homeopathy!!!!!!



I took treatment for my child – Anurag for viral warts on his face which were increasing day by day and his pediatric specialist refer us to a skin specialist who had suggested removal of warts by surgery. Anurag was 3 years old, so we refused it and went on a search for other options on the internet. Here we found about miracles homeopathic clinic, we started Dr.Yogesh treatment on November 2017 and within four months all warts fell off. We are very much pleased with miracles homeopathic treatment and I will suggest everybody try once homeopathy from Dr.Yogesh for all your health problems.


Kamal Mishra

Hi, Kamal Mishra here from Delhi. I got the reference of miracles homeopathic clinic from my nephew Shivam who stays in Pune. I was suffering from ischemic heart disease with bronchial asthma since many years. I had bypass surgery with stent implant. I was experiencing breathlessness with weakness on slight mental and physical exertion . My cardiologist again found out that I had develop another blockage nearby stent area. He advised me to undergo angiography with angioplasty if necessary. I was worried as this was happening 2nd time and may reoccur in future in spite surgery. I made my mind and started homeopathic treatment from Dr.yogesh on 11 August 17. Initially he allowed me to take all my allopathic medications along with homeopathic medicines. Within 6 months, I had manage to lower my allopathic dose to 50% . I was feeling energetic, light ,fresh with few episodes of breathlessness on and off . When I visited my cardiologist after 6 months of homeopathic medication, my doctor found tremendous difference in my health. He also checked all parameters like cholesterol, blood pressure which were absolute fine and in normal range and did 2D -ECHO TEST which showed improved LVEF and told me I am hale and hearty and does not required to undergo angiography . My cardiologist even accepted result of homeopathic medicines on me which is rare now a days. ALL thanks goes to Dr.Yogesh and his magical healing homeopathy.

Kamal Mishra


I am a retired army officer -Mr. Surendra Kapoor. I was dr.yogesh’s patient for my increased blood pressure along with increased cholesterol. I was taking many allopathic drugs for the same and day by day my problem was getting worse in spite of diet and medication. so I decided to try homeopathy. Initially, I have not felt any result of homeo medicines but after a few months, I started feeling the same vigor and energy which I used to have in the past. I have taken homeopathic medicines for more than 2 yrs. within these years, i had not taken single allopathic medicines for fever, cold, allergy or minor illness. whenever such things happened, I generally visit dr.yogesh who used to give me some medicines which make me fit within a few days. My family consultant was also happy to see improvement in my overall health and cut off 50% medicines. Now I am fit @ 69 age and all credit goes to Dr.Yogesh and his homeopathy.



We are blessed with baby boy due to treatment taken from dr.bhagyashri for infertility . We recommend you to try homeopathy for female related complaints. wishing you best luck.



I am Dr. Anil Sangle , i myself is skin specialist suffering from allergic rhinitis. I took many anti-allergic , even steroids but not useful for me. one of my patient recommended Dr. Yogesh name to me. I took his medicines for 2 yrs. Initially all episodes comes to less frequently and i have not used single medicines except homeopathy. Today Dr. Yogesh and I am good friends and I really thank Dr. Yogesh for permanent curing my allergy.




Rishita Mukharjee

Rishita Mukharjee









Bharti Dalal

I have taken treatment for my asthma and I got cured within 2 yrs. now no steroids, no inhaler, and life are free of any restrictions. thank you, Dr. Yogesh, Kadam

Bharti Dalal

Swati Kulkarni

I would like to thank Dr.Yogesh Kadam for treating my severe allergic rhinitis. Within 3 days I felt 99% better and I am recommending Miracles Health Clinic for acute complaints also.

Swati Kulkarni

Santosh Deokar

I would like to thank Dr.yogesh Kadam for his treatment. I would like to let everyone know that I had very severe corns in my leg I used to think by cutting it, it would go away but then it kept increasing and at a point I had 7 corns, 3 on my left and 4 on my right .i started using corn plaster but in weeks time I realised the corns were so deep about half an inch and I was struggling to walk and then I heard about homeopathy and they would just give sugar pills and cure you, sounds very amazing .so I approached Dr. Yogesh Kadam who is the best at it, and I am so thankful to him that in just a span of ten days by taking medicine as prescribed that tastes like sugar I am cured and my corns have fallen out and I am healed. I am very thankful to Dr.yogesh for his treatment in homeopathy.

Santosh Deokar

Riyaz Shaikh

This is to convey my gratitude and thanks for the medicines and treatment which you carried out for my loss of hair problem. The treatment has worked out exceptionally well and the response has been exceptionally positive. I would take the opportunity to thank you for the same and also to tell you that I will be spreading the word amongst my friends here in Qatar.

Riyaz Shaikh