I was suffering from back pain which I thought due to my IT job sitting posture. I was doing physiotherapy and taking painkillers but only temporarily subsided. I heard about Miracles homeopathic clinic from many of my office friends. I finally thought of giving try and Dr.Yogesh took whole my history for more than 1 hrs which was amazing as I never thought about myself in details. Dr.Yogesh told me that I am suffering from kidney stones which was shocking from me. I did x-ray same day and found 4 small renal calculi in both of my kidneys. Dr.Yogesh`s diagnosis is so accurate that within one month, my back pain subside more than 90% and its not there since last 4 months. I am advised to do x-ray again as he told me that my stone will goes out and hope it will come soon out. Best of luck Dr.Yogesh Kadam and thank you very much!!!