Hi my name is rajeev shukla. i am c.e.o of multinational company. i want to give sincere compliment to dr.yogesh for his extra smart way of treatment. i was suffering from fistula-in-ano which seems to be one of the painful condition in medical world. being modern man ,i consulted many specialist and they all advice me for surgery. as i am frequent flyer and traveler, they gave me antibiotics many times but all is not well. i was dragging myself due to my busy schedule but i was in pain. one of my subordinate suggested dr.yogesh name as he himself got better from homeopathy. i was not aware of anything than allopathy so i half heartily wanted to give last chance to dr.yogesh and his homeopathy. i met dr.yogesh on 13 feb 2017 at 8 pm . he is man with confidence . he had only asked me three questions- 1) how is pain – feels to me ? 2) what is pus-color and any blood mixing in it? 3) any thing making me worse or better- like hot & cold ? movement & rest ?——-thats all. he gave me 2 powders . i was surprised as he didn’t want to know what is diagnosis? how much medicines i took? —- i started his medicines on 13th feb 2017 and my fistula literally bust after 3 days- with oozing of pus and blood but there was no pain . i was cleaning it through out day . i called dr.yogesh and he told me he was expecting same thing. within next 2 days everything stopped and i started feeling better. today is 24 feb 2017 and my fistula in ano is 90% better. he has saved me from major surgery .its really amazing. hats off dr.yogesh. you are best !!!