I was referred by my society’s whats up group as I was new to pune. I was suffering from terrible cough since last 2 months. I consulted 2-3 top most hospitals in pune . Everybody was giving me relief for few days but again cough comes with more intensity. I was fed up due to coughing . One of doctor also advised me for tuberculosis test but test was negative. I really want to try other options so visited dr.yogesh on 24 jan 17. I was lucky to visit dr.yogesh as he had planned to go on conference on 25th jan. dr.yogesh saw all reports and took my history right from beginning. He gave me 4 powders – 1 powder per week and one liquid to be taken in Luke warm water . He advised me to take my allopathic medicines if its seems to be required very much. I started his medicines on same date and that night I slept for more than 8 hrs which was impossible for last 2 months. Next day was feeling so energetic and fresh . Cough was better by 50% within night. I took his medicines for 4 weeks and felt 90% better. cough only comes if I exert myself too much. He has given me 2nd month medicines again and told me to visit after 8 weeks if required. I was completely cured by dr.yogesh and his SIMPLE HOMEOPATHY. Thank you dr.yogesh and all the best to your healing journey.