I started treatment from Dr.Yogesh for my ischemic heart disease. I had 3 heart attacks within span of 6 months and I survived without any complications but doctors warned me about further attacks. One of my relative suggested me about Miracles Health Clinic and I started Dr.Yogesh`s homeopathic treatment in Jan 2013 and felt better within 2 months. No chest pain, no breathlessness and no weakness. Slowly with homeopathy I was gaining my weight and resistance power. Now today 12 May 2015 and I have not got any heart attack since last 2 years and all the credit goes to Dr.Yogesh. My cardiologist also felt amazed after seeing my recovery and he himself stopped half of my medication. Today I am without any allopathic medication and enjoying my retired life. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and thank homeopathy