How to express gratitude towards Dr.Yogesh! We are his patient right from Asmita – my daughter`s birth. She was mere 3 days old with lot of anxieties and fear, we approached Dr. Yogesh for Asmita`s loose motion problem which was not getting better by child specialist doctors. We were 1st timer parents and worried a lot, some of my neighbors suggested Dr. Yogesh`s Homeopathic Clinic and we went there and very much relaxed as we saw many parents with children sitting and taking treatment from Dr. Yogesh. We also asked some of parents how is Dr.Yogesh`s treatment and there were lots of good reviews and assurance from them as if we were at right place. We started his treatment and within 1 week, Asmita back to her giggling state. From that time we never visited any other doctors except for vaccinations and some emergencies. Dr.Yogesh was always there for us on phone, Sms, Whatsapp and he never tired of solving health problems and suggesting solutions for same. Today Asmita is 12 years young, beautiful girl with lots of energy and vigor. When we look back to 12 years, we are very much satisfied and giving our blessings to Dr. Yogesh for his miraculous healing touch. Thank you Dr.Yogesh.