My 5 yr son was suffering from chronic bronchitis which doctor said is one form of asthma. We were worried about his health as every 15 days , we have to take him to pediatrician doctor as his condition get severed within few days. He was not putting on weight and his height was smaller than his friends. One of our neighbor suggested miracles homeopathic clinic for my child. we went on 16 July of last year. Dr.Yogesh took down whole history of my child, our family illness, my nature ,my husband`s nature as well as my son`s nature . we were amazed to know such minute details required for finding correct medicines. Dr.Yogesh took case for atleast half and hour and then with his team of doctors, he suggested plan of action for treatment. Within few months, the frequency and intensity of my son`s asthma kept in control and now this is already 1 year over, my son is cured of asthma. Thank you very much dr.yogesh and his team for your kindness and helping nature