Shruti Sinha

My daughter azeen has vomiting problems especially in morning as soon as she wake up. She was unable to go to school. We were so worried as she was missing her school since last 6 months. we showed to many child specialist and homeopathic doctors also but not a single day went without this vomiting episodes. Our neighbor suggested Dr.Yogesh miracles homeopathic clinic. We doubtfully started Dr.Yogesh medicines. Dr.Yogesh gives us assurance that this is curable problem with homeopathy. To us surprised , from second day onward vomiting stopped almost instantly and she was not vomited for last 3 months but towards on safer side , we requested Dr.Yogesh to continue azeen medications as we have noticed 100% change in her diet, immunity as well as overall improvement in her behavioral pattern. Thanks Dr.Yogesh and your are best doctor in Pune.