6/1/18 i am kritika’s father mr.ram darshan. we took homeopathic medicines from dr.yogesh’s miracles homeopathic clinic for my daughter’s recurrent cold and cough with tonsil swelling. we were advised for anti-allergic montair tab and inhaler as well as surgery to remove tonsils. but we were not convince about this line of treatment. so finally we decided to give try to homeopathy. we search and research many days on internet, we also asked few friends recommendations and finally came to miracles homeopathic clinic. dr.yogesh explained each and every things- how homeopathy can help us in long term in aspect of immunity building, social and mental development and overall personality improvement . we started kritika’s homeopathic medications on December 2016 and through out winter she was up and down with her problem but does not required anything else except homeopathic medicines . slowly and steadily dr.yogesh weaned off all other medications and she was totally on homeopathic medicines . she had not got any sever attack even in 2017 winter and everything was smooth till date. when we met last time on 2 jan 2018 , dr yogesh told us now she is cured of her allergic bronchitis and tonsillitis problem and now does not required any continued medication ,even homeopathic . we are so much pleased with dr.yogesh’s homeopathic treatment. he is the best.!!!