Once again Dr.Bhagyashri showed that she is the best homeopathic doctor in Pune. My brother was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris, scary skin disorder in June 2014. He was treated by famous skin specialist from Pune & around but we wasted time and money. He was totally depends on steroids as they said it is last resort but once again destiny forced us to visit Miracles Health Clinic and Dr.Bhagyashri took his history on phone as he could not walk to visit clinic. She gathered all information from us as well relatives and given us 4 pills only. Next day when he took 1 pill, he has felt something different and within 4 weeks his skin faded up. All dirty coverings off wound vanished like magic and she called us after 2 months when he was movable and came to clinic smiling with sparkles in eyes which was lost since last 1 year. Thank you Dr.Bhagyashri very much.