Santosh Deokar

I would like to thank Dr.yogesh Kadam for his treatment. I would like to let everyone know that I had very severe corns in my leg I used to think by cutting it, it would go away but then it kept increasing and at a point I had 7 corns, 3 on my left and 4 on my right .i started using corn plaster but in weeks time I realised the corns were so deep about half an inch and I was struggling to walk and then I heard about homeopathy and they would just give sugar pills and cure you, sounds very amazing .so I approached Dr. Yogesh Kadam who is the best at it, and I am so thankful to him that in just a span of ten days by taking medicine as prescribed that tastes like sugar I am cured and my corns have fallen out and I am healed. I am very thankful to Dr.yogesh for his treatment in homeopathy.