SLOW & STUDY WINS THE RACE!!!!! My gallbladder stones vanished in 8 months and I had 8 mm gallbladder stones, 5-6 in number since last 2 years. My other doctors recommended me for surgery but I searched on net and found about Dr.Yogesh`s Miracles Heath Clinic. I was doubtful about homeopathic medicines but as last resort I started Dr.Yogesh treatment since last Jan 2015 and it was total surprised for me. No pain, no acidity since last 8 months and I checked my sonography and report was unbelievable as I had only 2 stones left that also 3mm and 2mm in size. Dr.Yogesh told me that those will also vanish, just have patience. I am getting treatment from one of the best homeopathic doctor in Pune, thanks.