This is my 7th patient to miracles health clinic. I was taking treatment for my son`s allergic bronchitis which was diagnosed as CHILD ASTHMA. We were on so many anti-allergic, inhalers and so many things but nothing seems to work for my son. When we started Dr.Yogesh Kadam`s medicines ,my son showed improvement within 1month. Slowly and steadily we stopped all allopathic medicines and within 1 & 1/2 yrs my son`s asthma got completely cured . Then I have started homeopathic medicines for my parents -My mother was suffering from knee pain and arthritis. She is also felt better and able to bear aches and pains of old age. Then for my father patient of chronic constipation and angry man. he also felt relieved and his anger seems to be in control. We recommended miracles health clinic to our in-laws. Mother-in-law had problem of severe skin allergy which Dr.Yogesh told us it is case of URTICARIA. She didn`t required anti-allergic since that day as whenever she has itching ,she happily takes 4pills given by Dr.Yogesh. Then I have suggested to so many neighbors which really benefited from miracles health clinic.