Rakesh Mishra

I was brought to Dr.Yogesh’s Miracles Health Clinic by my father-in-law for my habit of excessive alcohol drinking. Although I was in reputed company as a Software Engineer, I do not know how I trapped myself in this alcoholism. I was happily married person with beautiful wife but only with this bad habit everything was alright. My father-in-law read about Dr.Yogesh from internet and we came on 12 Sep, 2017 for consultation. After detail case taking, Dr.Yogesh had prescribed some magical powders to be taken into water for my case into alcohol. He had not advised to stop alcohol, I was happiest than all and I assumed let give try to this doctor also as I know I was hardcore drinker. My wife gave me 1st powder in alcohol itself with lot of confidence on her face. I took that medicated drink that day and next day I went to usual daily work. When I came back form office, I did not felt urge for drinking and I was shocked I passed that day without alcohol. Next few days again same thing happened, it was now more than 1 week I had not touched alcohol. Next week, my wife gave me 2nd dose and asked me whether to add into water or alcohol, I literately amused as I myself insisted water. This was proceed till 1 month and I have not touch alcohol for whole month. First time in our life, we have celebrated Diwali with lots of relatives and friends gathering who were avoiding me due to my alcoholism. I called dD.Yogesh in Diwali itself and given million of thanks and best of luck for his bright future. Thank you Dr.Yogesh once again!!!!!