narendra sharma

Hi I am Narendra Sharma from Delhi. We are Dr.Bhagyashri`s patient. my 1 yr old boy aditya was suffering from atopic dermatitis since his birth. We had shown to lots of doctors in Delhi including homeopaths but everything was temporary. My is cousin is studying in symbiosis Pune himself took treatment for hairloss from Dr.bhagyashri and got complete cure within 6 months. On his insist we came to pune and showed our son aditya in Jan 2015. Miracles health clinic is small but neat and clean clinic . I think both husband and wife are in same profession. Dr.bhagyashri is pleasant , easygoing doctor i have ever met. She took my wife case history for more than 2 hrs right from her own birth to aditya birth and development stages. She asked so many questions which we were astonished to know its inter-connect with psyche of my wife and my son. Dr.Bhagyashri is took so much efforts to know minute details from patient and relatives which we look as unnecessary. My wife was literally crying at the end of the consultation when she remind herself about her mental turmoil during pregnancy. dr.bhagyashri with her patience,dedication and sincerity & with her own pleasant aura made us comfortable. She gave one dose there itself with 2months medicines to be taken at home twice a day. We went back next day to our hometown. my kid aditya was crying so much throughout journey and slept peacefully after we reached home for more than 8 hrs. Next day his skin was peeling like snakes. We called dr.bhagyashri and she asked us by saying wait and watch. Aditya`s itching reduced by 70% .now today its more than 8 months and aditya is 60% better in all sense, its amazing. I am wishing her very bright future and best of luck.