I am MRS SANGEETA SHARMA- prinicple of one of the prestigious school in kalyani nagar. I am taking treatment for my asthma problems since last 2 yrs from Dr.Yogesh. I was suffering like a hell as i was on anti-allergic, antacids, inhalers and steroids. So called chest physician and specialist had given me more than 10 medicines and they told me that I have to live with this problem forever. I started my homeopathic medicines from Dr. Yogesh on recommendations from so many people of my society. Not a single person has given me bad/negative review .I am sure QUALITY COMES WITH PRICE TAG! I have seen today that people argues with doctors also . They have habit of bargaining everywhere. I am better day by day as its my body`s immunity problem. I am thankful to Dr.Yogesh for taking my phone call in odd hours as no doctor will entertain you after his clinic timings. Dr. Yogesh away their whenever you need him. Miracles health clinic is truly rescuer for suffering humanity. JUST BELIEVE-MIRACLES DO HAPPENS!