Kamal Mishra

Hi, Kamal Mishra here from Delhi. I got the reference of miracles homeopathic clinic from my nephew Shivam who stays in Pune. I was suffering from ischemic heart disease with bronchial asthma since many years. I had bypass surgery with stent implant. I was experiencing breathlessness with weakness on slight mental and physical exertion . My cardiologist again found out that I had develop another blockage nearby stent area. He advised me to undergo angiography with angioplasty if necessary. I was worried as this was happening 2nd time and may reoccur in future in spite surgery. I made my mind and started homeopathic treatment from Dr.yogesh on 11 August 17. Initially he allowed me to take all my allopathic medications along with homeopathic medicines. Within 6 months, I had manage to lower my allopathic dose to 50% . I was feeling energetic, light ,fresh with few episodes of breathlessness on and off . When I visited my cardiologist after 6 months of homeopathic medication, my doctor found tremendous difference in my health. He also checked all parameters like cholesterol, blood pressure which were absolute fine and in normal range and did 2D -ECHO TEST which showed improved LVEF and told me I am hale and hearty and does not required to undergo angiography . My cardiologist even accepted result of homeopathic medicines on me which is rare now a days. ALL thanks goes to Dr.Yogesh and his magical healing homeopathy.