My father had kidney stones on both sides about 10-14mm in sizes. We have done lithotripsy twice but stones appeared again within 1 year. We took ayurvedic treatment but it was only helpful till removal off stones but within few months they again starts forming. We were tired of taking treatments and one day my gym instructor told me about Dr. Yogesh`s Miracles Homeopathic Clinic. We went on 2nd August 2015 and after details questioning, Dr.Yogesh had prescribed some small 4 pills – 1 pill per week and no other medicines. We were little doubtful but thought about giving one chance. To our surprise, my father had tremendous pain in same night and at 2am in morning he had passed 3 stones. Dr.Yogesh already given us instructions what to be done in that situation, so we followed as written. Next day morning no pain, no heaviness while urination and my father looked so happy and energetic. We took homeopathic treatment almost for 1 year as per Dr.Yogesh`s instructions and within this span, we did sonography and Kub X-ray which were normal. Today we again did all reports and after looking them, Dr.Yogesh have told us that its time to stop medicines and given us again 4 pills – 1pill per six months. Thank you Dr.Yogesh and we will definitely recommend your name for sure-shot homeopathic treatments. Best of luck!!!!!!