I am a retired army officer -Mr. Surendra Kapoor. I was dr.yogesh’s patient for my increased blood pressure along with increased cholesterol. I was taking many allopathic drugs for the same and day by day my problem was getting worse in spite of diet and medication. so I decided to try homeopathy. Initially, I have not felt any result of homeo medicines but after a few months, I started feeling the same vigor and energy which I used to have in the past. I have taken homeopathic medicines for more than 2 yrs. within these years, i had not taken single allopathic medicines for fever, cold, allergy or minor illness. whenever such things happened, I generally visit dr.yogesh who used to give me some medicines which make me fit within a few days. My family consultant was also happy to see improvement in my overall health and cut off 50% medicines. Now I am fit @ 69 age and all credit goes to Dr.Yogesh and his homeopathy.