Once again Dr.Yogesh has proved that homeopathy is not only useful in cold-cough problems but also in dangerous problem like fistula. I was suffering from this fistula problem since August, 2017 and I tired many treatments. Finally when I showed it to surgeon, they recommended emergency surgery as it was pus-blood filled wound giving me trouble day and night. One of my friend who was Dr.Yogesh’s patient also suggested me to try once homeopathy from miracles homeopathic clinic. I had started Dr.Yogesh’s treatment in January 18/1st week and within 1 month my fistula stopped oozing pus & blood. I was amazed to see fast results of homeopathy but never thought it will be so fast. Dr.Yogesh gave me water medicines for next 2 months and called me to visit him in March. Today it’s 22 MARCH 2018, I totally got cured with fistula problem and my wound healed permanently. There is no trace remained, Dr.Yogesh hats-off to you and your amazing homeopathy!!!!!!