Aribhash Kumar

I have taken homeopathic treatment from dr.yogesh for my scalp psoriasis which i was suffering from last few years. initially i assumed it as dandruff and did all sort of home remedies as well as ayurvedic nukkhe and oils. But it really reappears as soon as i stop using oils and shampoos. I am working in mnc and its really embracing as flakes come all over to my shirt, shoulder and face. In between i took skin doctors treatment also but nothing was working on me. One of my office friend took Dr.Yogesh treatment for his sinusiits treatment and he got cured within 1 yr ,so on his recommendation. I have also started Dr.Yogesh treatment. He patiently took my history and prescribed me 4 powders to be taken once in week with water. I am really amused as he has not given me any oil and shampoo as I also took homeopathic treatment from so called hair clinic from Pune itself who has given me lots of stuff which was actually useless for me. I want to give Dr.Yogesh fair chance so i have not asked him about this. I started his homeopathic treatment , within 1 week 20% better ,second week 30% and so on . when i completed 1 month. I was 50% better in terms of scaling and flakes reduction. I was excited to see results ,so again took medicines for next few months. To my surprise, I was improving day by day in my skin problems without using any external means. As my problem was chronic , it took 1 and 1/2 yr to complete cure and now dr.yogesh told me he is stopping homeopathic medicines and told me to visit every 4 months to review the case. This is amassing! homeopathy never fails , its only matter of your luck to find out good homeopathic doctor ,thats it !