Anamika Mukharjee

4-CHAR GOLI DOCTORS! How can i forget those terrific days when i was getting migraine attacks. I was used to lie down in bed like a dead log. i was getting these painful headaches since last 2& 1/2 yr when I was pregnant. I tried so many medications during pregnancy and aftrerwards but those were without results. I finally got to know about dr.bhagyashri from one of my relative who stays in viman nagar. I am staying in Pashan but my relative so much told me about miracles health clinic that I couldn`t resist myself to give last chance to this doctor. When i met dr.bhagyashri , i found something is extra. I am not able to describe this but she has something extra-sense or power which make you feel relieved -healed with her own aura. She took my history patiently for more than 1 hr and given me some magic medicines which has to be taken with water. I never had this type of experience while taking medicines from other doctors. She explain me everything and called me to visit after 1 month. Within that 1 month, my headache was gone like I never had it before. When I met her in next visit , I literally cried . Dr.Bahgyashri, you gave me my life back. I am grateful to you . I wish this doctor should be available to person who lost hope due to their health problems.