Dr. Yogesh Kadam


He is a well-known physician for his uncommon strength in prescribing for chronic diseases with an accurate diagnosis along with proper future management, which was supposed to be incurable by other doctors.

He is a hardcore follower of dr. Hanemannian principals which are assumed to be last resort in the homeopathic world.

He is a Good Clinician + Researcher + Promoter of  Homeopathy

Dr. Yogesh Kadam has successfully treated many patients from various strata of societies such as professionals, medical doctors, researchers, diplomats, high profile government officers, etc. At the same time, he is easily accessible to all patients. 

Dr. Yogesh Kadam – A veteran homeopath, an academician, and a famed teacher are known for his contribution to homeopathy. He is famous for his innovative and novel ideas in clinical practice.

He is the Founder – Director of Miracles® Homoeopathic clinic, Pune. He is practicing homeopathy for 15 years.

His “Miracles® group of Homoeopathy” has organized an intensive training program in Pune and Mumbai, aimed to create a deeper understanding of Homoeopathy and going beyond the known dimensions of Homoeopathy.

Dr.Yogesh Kadam is a hardcore homeopathic consultant for practically incurable cases.



 She is the strength behind the success of MIRACLES® HOMEO CLINIC.

DR.BHAGYASHRI  is well known homeopathic physician due to her expertise in treating female related problems and skin problems.

She is the first homeopathic doctor who completed the cosmetology course from GTGA(AUSTRALIA).

DR.bhagyashri is well known for Astro-Consultancy where she uses her astrological knowledge to solve difficult medical conditions such as Infertility, kidney failure, Cancers etc.


At MIRACLES®HOMEO CLINIC we treat each and every case scientifically, holistically and with true utmost care like family members. 

Homeopathic care to Precious Infants, Naughty Kids, Serious Adults and Childish Oldmen. Everybody pleased and giving blessings!! 

we founded this clinic in 2003 to cater to the needs of students, practitioners, academicians and research workers in the field of Homoeopathy.

Students from all over Pune and metropolitan cities join the clinic for classical homeopathic training on real patients.

The training period ranges from a few days to few months or even years depending upon the requirements.

Classical training is imparted to the aspiring students who want to study homeopathy with devotion and sincerity. Initially, a student actively participates in the process of case taking as an observer. As he familiarizes with the intricacies of case taking and masters the unique method of case taking evolved and developed by miracles® homeo clinic, he starts taking cases as a primary physician.

The case that has been taken by the students is analyzed and studied by all groups and expert doctors. This is then followed by a group discussion among all the students.

This methodology gives a practical and clear understanding of cases to the students. This also serves as a live and vivid background for them to study the Materia Medica.

The student learns to differentiate the similimum from the group of drugs which is pivotal for the prescription. The whole understanding of the case also encompasses different avenues of psychology, psychiatry, pathology and other basic allied subjects. Complete and detailed study of a case in such a way serves as a perfect recipe for a knowledge starved student who has just entered into the vast horizon of Homoeopathy.


It is the matter of pride for our clinic for organizing online teaching sessions , seminars, and Workshops in the recent years.

The stream of knowledge and understanding which originated from this clinic has attracted participants from Pune, Mumbai & big metropolitan cities as well as small rural areas.

The core activities of the clinic includes

  • To teach undergraduate and postgraduate students through live cases, video cases, group discussions.

  • Organizing seminars and workshops.

  • Publishing literature of substantial value.

  • Performing various research activities – drug proving, clinical research, etc.

Cataloging the huge collection of books possessed by the center.


  • Marching ahead on the path of progress of Homoeopathy by organizing seminars, workshops and clinical training all around India & Abroad etc.

  • Enriching and refining our Homeopathy by publishing Books in the near future.

  • Conquering new heights by publishing books on Cancer, Blood pressure & Diabetes etc.

  • Carving out an intensive work on  CRUX OF SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE which will throw light over unexplored dimensions for the young generation.

  • To continue intensive training programs in clinic-offline and online.

  • To teach student and practitioners unknown and rare medicines in homeopathy.