Dengue fever is the most common of all arthropod born diseases. It occurs in most of the tropical countries. Over half of WHO member states representing a total of 2000 million are threatened by Dengue. Dengue viruses are arbo-viruses. The Dengue infection may be: a) Asymptomatic or b)Symptomatic, which may lead to:1) Classical Dengue fever II) Dengue Hemorrhagic fever with shock or III) Dengue Hemorrhagic fever without shock.

Dengue carrier Aedes mosquitoes are the carrier of Dengue viruses. These mosquitoes can be easily distinguished as it is larger in size and have black and white stripes on its body, so it is sometimes called tiger mosquitoes. They usually bite during the day time. They bread in artificial accumulation of fresh water, such as broken bottles and tins, flower pots, coconut shell, tree holes etc.


It is also known as “Breakbone” fever. It first epidemically attacked the people of Scotland. The symptoms of Classical dengue fever as the onset is sudden with chills and high fever raised from 102 to 105 degree and continued about 3-5 days, intense headache(retro-orbital), severe muscle and back bone pain, vomiting, tastelessness, weakness, dry tongue, constipation, reddish eye,and edema on face. The fever lasts for 5-7 days after which the recovery is usually complete. The chance of fatality is very low.

HOMEOPATHIC MANAGEMENT: According to Dr. Yogesh Kadam, well known homeopathic doctor and researcher/clinician at Miracles Homeopathic Clinic; To prevent the infection of dengue virus, social awareness and control of mosquitoes is the foremost. The environment should be clean, water tanks and containers should be covered and mosquito nets should be used. If there is any fever, immediately consult qualified homoeopathic doctors or allopathic doctors, if required get hospitalized either in a clinic or hospital for proper observation and treatment .

Homoeopathic system of medicine can treat and prevent dengue fever (DF) and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) by immuno-modulation of the patients without any side and adverse effects. Homeopathy has been used successfully in the others countries apart from India in the past. The selection of homoeopathic drugs in these cases depends upon the individual response to infection and virulence of the virus. The symptomatology of the patients those who are having dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic are studied to decide about the curative and preventive homoeopathic medicines for any patient as well as epidemic as a whole.

There are about 25 homoeopathic drugs available for the treatment of dengue fever. These are Aconite., Arnica, Arsenic-alb., Arum-tri., Baptisia., Belladonna., Bryonia., Cantharis., China officinalis Colocynthis., Eupatorium perfoliatum., Ferrum metallicum., Gelsemium., Hamamelis., Ipecac., Lachesis, Merc-sol, Nux vomica., Podophyllum., Rhus toxicodendron., Rhus-venenata., Sanicula., Secale cornutum and Sul-acidum. These drugs had been successfully used by various homeopaths across the globe for its treatment and management. Homeopathic physician with sound knowledge about basic principles about homeopathic science will help you in this matter as these medicines should be taken under supervision of qualified homeopathic physicians.


Simple Dengue Fever (DF) The trends of current symptomatology of the epidemic reveals that Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 can be taken twice daily for 5 days along with nyctanthes arbor tincture 5 drops once a day with half cup of water for 10 days or till the epidemic persist for the prevention of dengue fever.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) Ipecac in 200 potency can be given twice a day for three days and two doses a week in all the patients those who have already suffered with the dengue fever and are prone for dengue hemorrhagic fever. This drug can also be used alternately with Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 to prevent both the types of dengue fever in so far not infected individuals.

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